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PORTO - The city and the people

Porto is romantic, loyal and fraternal. José Saramago, Literature Nobel, defines Porto as "... this wide open lap of the river ...”
Defining Porto is, first of all, understanding the symbiosis of physical city with its people. The austere granite environment is reflected on the strong personality of its inhabitants. The ability to share and joy in guesting of the Portuenses involves the visitors and mark them forever. It’s not possible to visit Porto and go unscathed.
Second city of Portugal and capital of North, Porto, along with its outskirts, has about a million and a half inhabitants. This laborious and austere city, when under the sun appears bright, colourful and lively.
Their homes, ignoring the geographical difficulties, cling to the slopes of the Douro River that flows here after covering the imposing beauty of the oldest demarcated wine region in the world (UNESCO World Heritage Site). One of the city's glories is giving name to the Port Wine that made it famous worldwide.
Porto is the ideal destination for collectors of stories, memories and other valuable assets. The cultural offer is vast and, to add to the many monuments and museums, in the classical sense, Porto now has a wide and dynamic cultural and recreational agenda that recommends being attentive. The food and wine are two strengths of the city and the region that matters "taste".
The historic center of Porto is since 1996 UNESCO World Heritage Site.
We in Loftabroad look forward to welcome you in Oporto.